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Why we should care about

Quality Health Care & Access

# of Doctors Shortage per 10,000 residents

Doctor Shortage.png

Access to Care:

We are short 1,008 doctors and physicians statewide. We need to look at our state's cost of living, affordable housing, and access to quality education to continue to increase the number of physicians statewide and ensure proper access to care.


of adults in Hawaii with any mental illness did not receive treatment


of youth in Hawaii with a Major Depressive Episode did not receive mental health services


Mental Health Workforce availability

Mental Health:

Since the start of the pandemic, adults who experienced anxiety or depression increased from 10% to 40%. While telehealth has changed access to care, 37% of our population still lives in a mental health professional shortage area. We also have the highest rate of homelessness in the US, where it is estimated that 25% of our homeless population has a serious mental illness and 45% has any mental illness. 

One of the biggest challenges of growing a strong, diverse mental health workforce is low provider reimbursement. In a field that requires high levels of education and certification, this hurts the diversity of providers available. 



of adults in Hawaii has prediabetes



of adults in Hawaii has diabetes



annual per patient average cost for dialysis treatment

Diabetes Trend.png


United States


At 13% of our adult population, Hawaii has the 23rd highest rate of type II diabetes in the nation. Diabetes is the primary cause of kidney failure, where the treatment costs approximately $90,000 per patient per year. This cost impacts everyone, not just those on dialysis, as it impacts our health care costs and model statewide. We need to educate our keiki on nutrition, the impact of Sugar Sweetened Beverages, and steps we can take to avoid type II diabetes. 

Relevant Experience

Kaiser Permanente, Director (Full-time)

  • Worked closely with clients and members to understand challenges of not only the affordability of health care, but also access to quality care

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