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Why we should care about



of the world's data was generated within the past two years alone


Mobile banking adoption will produce 95 million jobs worldwide


of US cities are investing in smart systems


of all businesses are planning on long-term IT changes


In relation to technology, Hawaii is one of the least innovative states


of parents believe that Virtual Reality can further their child's educational experiences

Technology Systems:

For companies in the private sector, many were able to quickly update their technology systems to pivot to new working environments and solutions at the beginning of the pandemic. Their updated technology systems and emphasis on innovation allowed them to beat competitors and maintain revenue during the last two years.


For public sector organizations, this wasn't as easy. We saw this in our state's struggles to process a high number of unemployment claims quickly and accurately. We also saw Hawaii struggle to quickly implement a successful contact tracing program, and to consistently track and report the correct number of COVID cases statewide and within our public school systems. 

In order to improve government service, we must improve Hawaii's technology infrastructure and talent pool. Read Civil Beat's OpEd about why Hawaii Needs a Chief Data Officer.

​Government can better serve YOU through improved technology systems:

  1. Improve communication - through specific technology programs, government can increase its communication with its constituents, not only in frequency but also in accuracy of information. 

  2. ​Reduce repetition - eliminate repetitive jobs to save tax payer dollars, and redirect this budget to fund new jobs & community-critical programs such as affordable housing, access to health care, and education.  

  3. Increase collaboration - increase the collaboration between government and its constituents to reestablish trust; increase collaboration between state departments to increase efficiency 

Technology Education:

Investing in Hawaii's technology systems means also investing in our keiki and their education. Government must provide either free or heavily subsidized STEM programs and technology-specific Continuing Education (CE) courses. 

By investing in our high school curriculum, we will ensure that we are creating new job opportunities for our communities and our keiki. By creating and offering CE courses, we are also helping those a bit more senior pivot into new roles & new industries to meet the new and changing workforce.

While technology roles may seem one-dimensional, there are roles and opportunities for everyone:

  • Front End, Back End, Full Stack Engineers

  • Cyber Security

  • Data / Analytics 

  • UI/UX Design 

  • Project Management 

  • IT / Hardware

Relevant Experience

Freelance Digital Marketing Advisor

  • Helped small business owners develop and implement digital marketing & virtual sales strategies

TriNet, Los Angeles Technology Market (2016-2018)

  • Worked closely with Silicon Valley and Silicon Beach start-up businesses and investors to help build ecosystems centered around various technology verticals: Health Tech, eCommerce, AI, IoT, Blockchain, Digital Marketing, and SaaS

Social Media Week Los Angeles, Former Board Member

  • Board member for Social Media Week Los Angeles' inaugural event

  • Worked closely with start-up and tech-related businesses to curate panels and event program

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