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Why We're All In for Valerie Wang

If elected, I look forward to working with our government, community, union, and business leaders to push through real, meaningful change that puts all of our people first.

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“My family is supporting Valerie because she will fight to make housing affordable for all. As an educator, I see this as one of our state's most urgent issue. All of our children deserve a safe and secure place to call home. “


Amy Ruhaak, Punchbowl Resident


“Voting for Valerie Wang as our District 26 State House Representative is an easy decision, as I trust that she is the right person to ensure the well being of our community. She has an optimistic vision and genuinely cares. With her laser focus and hard working ethic, Valerie is exactly the community role model we need to get the job done as our representative.”


James Hsiao, Makiki Resident


“We need to work together to ensure we have the ability to provide for Oahu's skyrocketing demand for fresh, diverse, nutritious food for our community members in need. I know Valerie Wang will represent all voices in government -- especially those who are at-risk and underserved.”


Jennine Sullivan, Philanthropist

“I’m interested in voting for new energy, for candidates who do not shy away from the challenging problems that face us in education, housing and the environment, who are open-minded and who will listen and work the problems. This is why I am supporting Valerie Wang to represent the 26th district. ”

- Sharon Rowe, Makiki Heights Resident


“The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  We keep re-electing the same people to office and hope for a true change to occur.  Valerie has the leadership, dedication, and drive needed to challenge the status quo. Let’s elect Valerie Wang for House District 26 and let REAL change happen.”


Davis Kobayashi, Business Owner (Insurance)


“Valerie Wang will be a wonderful addition to the legislature – one who we can count on and trust that she’ll be responsive to the construction industry.  We look forward to working with her to ensure the protection of labor rights! ”


Ryden “Bully” Valmoja, Business Manager/Secretary-Treasurer, International Union of Painters & Allied Trades, District Council 50


“Through my experience both working with Valerie and as her friend, Valerie is a demonstrated results-driven leader who holds her team accountable with care and compassion. She leads by example with high ethical standards, hard work, determination, and an unwavering dedication to the community. This is why I’m confident that she will fairly represent our community and its voice and values if elected to serve.”


Stacey Katakura, Business Owner (CPA/Finance)

“Valerie is a listener and a problem solver. She listens closely, she examines the facts and circumstances, and then she moves forward to seek and proposes solutions. Too many lawmakers simply hold space and do nothing, and/or seek only to push their own narrow agenda. ”

- Gary Hooser, Executive Director, Pono Hawai'i Initiative


"I can always trust Valerie to get things done. When our company needed an outsource partner, Valerie won over our business. When faced with a myriad of real world challenges including employee issues and effects of Covid on our business, Valerie’s leadership and her team proved their worth. Valerie is always ultra-prepared, is understanding of all issues from each stakeholders perspective, and is an effective communicator—to the point and not long winded. Valerie has a proven record of getting things done.


When initially heard Valerie was running for office, I knew she would do a great job. If you meet her, you will be impressed. If you work with her, even more impressed. She’s compassionate and really cares about our local community.


Valerie is committed. For example, not only did she volunteer countless hours to affordable housing, but also took industry classes, & met with laborers, unions, and law makers to understand the real hurdles to get things done. She is committed to do what it takes to get to the root of the problem. 


I support Valerie Wang. Vote for Valerie Wang."


- Takio Kaleo Mogi, Former President, Current Executive Advisor, Lanikai Juice

“I've found Valerie to be a very refreshing candidate who is a great listener and who genuinely cares about our community...she posses a servants heart!! She is very objective when discussing and analyzing  the issues and has a strong desire to work in a Bipartisan manner.”

- Chuck Lee, Makiki Resident


“As our community faces rising crime, we need a leader in the legislature who will make public safety and crime reduction a top priority.  Hawaii’s police officers trust Valerie Wang to stand up for crime victims and ensure that public safety professionals have the support they need to keep our neighborhoods safe.”


Bobby Cavaco, President, State of Hawaii Organization of Police Officers


“Valerie Wang is there for the people she serves. She is a servant leader and always does what she says. It has been a pleasure to work with her and see her spearhead events along with finding other passionate people to support the community.”


Joseph Passantino, Educator


“Valerie Wang will bring a different perspective and leadership style to government. I know she will be able to responsibly lead her constituents and with effective communication she will establish trust.”


Brian Fujikane, Business Owner (Solar)

“Valerie has always shown integrity and commitment and I believe she will do the same for our community. She is a trusted business and community leader who listens, inspires, and leads through action, not words.”

- Evan Leong, Business Owner (HR and Organizational Development Consultant)

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